Master your camera, Improve your photos & get the most enjoyment out of photography


I’m Nico Mojica and I’m excited that you’re here! If you’re here right now because you want to master your camera, improve your photos, and get the most enjoyment out of photography, you’ve come to the right place.

I am a self taught photographer, and the journey to get to the level I am at right now wasn’t always a smooth one. It involved a lot of time, research, mistakes and misinformation, trial and error, and doubt. My goal is to remove all of that for you, make it as simple for you to learn how to use your camera, so that you can focus in on what really matters most – taking photos.

Here are a video to get you started on your journey

This first video will help you understand what exposure is, and the three factors that affect it – aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Theses are the main functions of the camera that you’ll need to learn how to control to get the images that you want.

You’ll not only learn how to change the amount of light that enters your camera and form your image, you’ll also learn about things like motion blur and depth of field.