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What You'll Get

7 Punchy Color Presets

With our Lightroom Preset Pack you don't have so sift through dozens on presents to find the one you like. We're created 7 clean presets that make your decision making process a lot easier!

Easy Exposure Adjustment

We make adjusting exposure easy. We've added +/-0.3, +/-0.6 and +/-1.0 to allow for quick exposure changes.

WarmCast filter

The WarmCast filter adds instant warmth and brightness to your images. 

Quick Grain Option

Looking to add some character to your photographs? We've included 2 grain options to instantly add some edge to your images.

Forever Updates

We're constantly trying to improve our products to give you the best that we can. Whenever we update the CamCrunch Preset Pack, we'll make sure to notify you and send you the updated presets! 


What software do I need to use these presets?

You will need Adobe Lightroom to use these color presets. Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and CC are all compatible. 

How do I install the CamCrunch Color Presets?

Watch this video for instructions on how to install Adobe Lightroom presets.

Do I need to shoot in Raw to use these presets?

You can apply these presets in Jpeg images as well, but it is highly recommended that you use these on Raw files.